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Politician/fighter admits he wants to "think it over."

Bob Arum thinks that Pacquiao, who plans on winning a Senate seat in the Philippines in 2016, will be too busy with his six-year term.

A 2016 fight against Amir Khan seems more likely.

He could just be trying to make his own victory in their disappointing May contest look better.

The veteran promoter claimed that Pacquiao will 'hang up the gloves' once he's elected to the Senate of the Philippines next year.

Khan had been hoping for a shot at Floyd Mayweather, but he may get the next best thing.

The boxer is apparently pleased with the progress of his injured shoulder.

A spokesman for Mayweather called the move 'a complete disgrace.'

Not surprisingly, Manny Pacquiao is second, but way behind at $160 million, the poor guy.

The undefeated boxer may be the country's biggest sports villain.

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