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The quarterback did what he had to do to deliver the Cowboys their first victory since Week 2.

The Dolphins quarterback connected on 25 straight, breaking Donovan McNabb's 2004 record, as he strafed the Texans.

Recently fired head coach Joe Philbin had reportedly told the defense to take it easy on the quarterback.

Miko Grimes, an outspoken Miami radio host, was charged with disorderly conduct, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence.

He learned something about Dre, and we learned something about him.

As he put it, the only thing better than NFL money is "more money."

It's hard to imagine who else Maurkice Pouncey could have been referring to as a 'coward.'

Yet another great moment in Cleveland sports history.

Miko Grimes scathingly calls out the league on a variety of issues.

The former Dolphin had to survive frigid waters at night.

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