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The gaffe in the closing seconds caused the day to be laced with timely, if never-ending, references to the Jim Carrey movie.

Blair Walsh's miss is certainly a contender.

That could have been considered a bad omen.

The act of sports treason stems from a pre-season contract dispute between him and Minnesota.

The running back says, 'We didn’t play well as players and the coaches didn’t coach well' against the Seahawks.

The Vikings star is now 17th in NFL history.

It hasn't been a great season for the Green Bay running back.

The Minnesota head coach makes a reference to Gregg Williams's role in the 'BountyGate' scandal.

Joseph Patterson was the boyfriend of the boy's mother at the time.

The exhibition contest, one that lacked several big names, still drew more viewers than the clinching game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

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