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The Washington Post

Octavius Ellis's game-tying dunk came a split second too late, leading to more Bearcat heartbreak.

There's famous people and a bald eagle. Some basketball is being played, too.

He's watching the games on TV, just like the rest of us.

N.C. State's Anthony "Cat" Barber rebounds while on the ground, then kicks the ball out for an open three-pointer. While still on the ground.

The Cardinals aim to raise awareness for pediatric cancer during their Sweet 16 game against North Carolina State.

It comes in handy for trash talking on the court.

Spoiler: his prediction didn't come true.

It's Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn versus Ashley Judd.

The two star football players and Wisconsin alums would be a terrifying force on the basketball court.

We can only hope the Sweet 16 bout is as competitive as this Twitter dance-off.

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