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The Washington Post

Some things just can't be denied.

At least he got the colors right?

When a starting quarterback gets his jaw broken by a teammate, it's going to have other players talking.

The defensive end is already starting the season on a four-game suspension because of a substance-abuse violation.

It seems odd, because it's only May. Oh, and it's GENO SMITH.

The legendary quarterback has a different, calmer approach to DeflateGate than many Jets fans.

Get it -- Tom Brady, Deflategate? Yeah, of course you got it.

New England had done the same to New York before Revis switched teams.

The star cornerback, who played his first six seasons in New York, returns to a huge contract after winning a title with the Patriots.

Jermaine Cunningham is also facing handgun and criminal mischief charges following reports of a domestic dispute.

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