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The Washington Post

After a 51-game domestic violence suspension, Jose Reyes returned to a roaring ovation in New York.

That doesn't seem like the most ethical behavior.

It may still happen -- or we may have seen an all-time jinx.

The Mets ace is still scheduled to start Game 5 of the NLCS.

Of course, the team would be delighted if d'Arnaud, or any other Met, hit it again.

The second baseman is threatening to steal Reggie Jackson's title of 'Mr. October,' except he's adding defensive gems to slugging and base-running heroics.

In fairness, the events of Game 2 versus the Dodgers were very upsetting to many New Yorkers.

The Mets outfielder wonders, 'How come we’ve never been back?'

The memorable 1-3-1 putout is the kind of thing that happens to teams when they are very, very hot. Which New York certainly is.

It was a bizarre scene in New York, and things only got weirder after the game ended.

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