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The Olympic legend also explained why he had a secret marriage earlier this year.

The soon-to-retire sprinting superstar is reportedly set to get a tryout with a Bundesliga team.

The most decorated Olympian in history and Nicole Johnson had kept their first wedding, held in June in Arizona, under wraps, but they shared images of their latest ceremony,

Nicole Johnson was thought to still be the swimmer's fiancee.

He definitely would have been the fastest guy on your fantasy team.

The two men, who say they attended the Rio Olympics, feel that the controversial swimmer should not have been invited to compete on the hit TV show.

The Olympic gymnastics champion, along with basketball player Elene Delle Donne and Venus and Serena Williams, had confidential medical records exposed by what is believed to be a Russian group.

Granted, the Olympic race was unusually slow, but the visually impaired runners still submitted a remarkable accomplishment.

The decorated swimmer will be forced to sit out the 2017 world championships, which could end his international career.

Just hours apart, in Texas and New York, the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic gymnasts showed that they were head over heels for their favorite teams.

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