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A post-NBA stint in Turkey will apparently be disregarded.

The 7-foot forward, who missed his rookie year, is likely to sit out his second NBA season, as well.

With it present-day teams doing a lot of losing, Philadelphia wisely nods toward its past successes.

It was supposed to be a cool skeleton, but a close friend kept teasing the Answer that it looked more like a 'flying monkey.'

The 76ers great -- a.k.a. The Answer -- wasted an opportunity for true entertainment.

His team still lost, of course, but it was a remarkable shot.

The injured rookie, suspected of being 50 pounds overweight, reportedly had a 'blowup' with a conditioning coach during a West Coast road trip.

Philadelphia goes from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Basketball great says the "passion is still there, the desire to play is just not."

Former Georgetown, Philadelphia 76ers star hasn't played in the NBA since 2010.

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