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The Patriots tight end had missed practice on Friday because of the death of 42-year-old Dana Parenteau.

New England fans have to be relieved at confirmation that the star tight end did not suffer a season-ending knee injury at Denver.

Among other things, the Patriots tight end is a big fan of 'Chicken Sue flay.'

Gronk proves again that asking defensive backs to bring him down is just not fair.

No penalty was called for the act, which left the Jaguars defender understandable shaken up.

The Patriots tight end couldn't believe what he saw.

The Patriots tight end showed plenty of heart by losing a lot of hair.

That should be fun.

The irrepressible tight end did what he does to things.

The Patriots tight end told Jimmy Kimmel that he was ready for a second straight night of partying, and, lo, it came to pass.

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