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That kind of thing will happen when you actually go, ahem, 0-1.

The Seahawks quarterback backtracks but then doubles down on his dubious assertions.

The Seahawks quarterback said that a sports drink containing them helped him avoid a concussion on a vicious hit by Clay Matthews.

A pair of ESPN analysts went at it over Twitter in a debate that involved religious belief and societal constraints.

The Seahawks quarterback told a San Diego megachurch that God told him "to lead her."

Whatever the film may lack, it will try to more than make up for in sports celebrity cameos.

The Seahawks quarterback could probably use the distraction from football.

The Packers quarterback was not specifically discussing Russell Wilson, but the Seahawks quarterback notably praised God after his team beat Green Bay.

The pair get into the spirit of the season with a little help from R. Kelly.

It also helps to be a quarterback (duh), in making the NFL's top 50 in merchandise sales. Being a Titan is not quite as helpful.

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