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Again, this is coming from Tiger Woods.

The 14-time major winner hopes to be ready in early 2016.

In fairness, Spieth only won two of the four majors this year.

That is quite the golfing-god summit meeting there.

Woods needed a win in order to make it into the FedEx Cup playoff.

The struggling golfer is taking full advantage of his first-ever appearance at the Wyndham Championship.

For the first time in his illustrious career, Tiger Woods missed the cut at two consecutive majors.

And it wasn't really that close.

There have been whispers about how Woods attained his buff physique, but WIlliams, whom the golfer fired in 2011, went out of his way to shoot them down.

The kicker was just joking, but given Tiger's struggles and Scobee's proficiency at golf, it might actually be a competitive match.

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