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The quarterback made plenty of big plays against the Jets.

Major mistakes could be the only thing standing between the quarterback and realizing his dream of an NFL comeback.

It takes a special man to play peacemaker.

The linebacker apparently is impressed by what he has seen from the comeback-minded quarterback.

The quarterback is an iffy bet to even make Philadelphia's regular-season roster, but nothing can stop Tebow-mania.

The Jets wide receiver had a front-row seat for the Eagles quarterback's skills when both played in Denver.

Sanchez appears to be throwing a large bucket of cold water on the Tebow hype, but is he correct?

The former kicker played with a number of lousy QBs during a 14-year career, so his comment is particularly damning.

The quarterback hasn't played in the NFL since 2012.

Yes, the 'First Take' pundit is excited. Very excited.

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