All 16 KIPP charter campuses in the District will be closed on Sept. 23 for the second day of the Pope’s visit to Washington.

The Pope will be in the District from Sept. 22 to the 24, and the city is expected to be filled with tourists and celebrants. Many of the city’s roadways will be closed, and morning commutes during those three days are projected to be disrupted by traffic congestion.

KIPP, which enrolls 5,240 students in the District, announced that the charter network will be closed on the second day of the visit “in anticipation of public transportation and roadway disruptions throughout the city.”

All D.C. public schools will open as usual during the visit, said D.C. Public Schools spokeswoman Anna Gregory. According to a D.C government Web site, a number of other charter schools will be closed during the Pope’s visit, including those listed below:

Closed on Sept. 23:

  • DC Prep Edgewood
  • Elsie Whitlow Stokes public charter school
  • Inspired Teaching public charter school
  • Mundo Verde public charter school
  • Shining Stars Montessori public charter school
  • Yu Ying public charter school
  • Imagine Hope public charter school
  • Academy of Hope
  • Latin American Montessori Bilingual locations

Closed Sept. 23 and Sept. 24:

  • St. Coletta public charter school