Police in the California city of Modesto are investigating as a hate crime a Snapchat video in which a white teen holds a noose around his neck and threatens a black student by name.

“You must die,” he says, and then the video cuts to the firing of a gun.

The young man who made the threat and the young man named in the video are both students at Modesto’s Central Catholic High, according to Jacq Wilson, a lawyer who said he is representing the family of the black student.

Wilson criticized the school for not acting quickly to discipline those involved. The mother of the threatened student showed the video to administrators on the morning of Monday, April 4, he said, and believed the school would take immediate action. When the student who made the threat was still in school the next day, she called police, Wilson said.

“There are some people who think that this is a joke,” Wilson said. “Violence is a real thing, bullying, gun violence is a real thing. A direct threat on a young man’s life has never been a joking matter.”

Wilson said the youth has been traumatized.

“He understands the historic significance of the noose and the terror it has caused people throughout history,” Wilson said. He read a statement from the victim: “I know that a noose around someone’s neck is nothing to joke about,” the statement said. “I heard my name in the video. The death threat made me afraid because i was singled out. I felt threatened and angry.”

Jim Pecchenino, the president of Central Catholic, did not immediately respond to a message left at the school. But he told the Modesto Bee that the students involved in the video are no longer in class, and school officials have taken disciplinary action and are dealing with the incident seriously.

“Students involved in that video have been suspended. They are not on our campus. We’ll follow our process for discipline,” Pecchenino told the Bee. “The whole video is despicable, every part of it. The noose, the gun going off, it’s just unconscionable to view. It’s very unsettling.”

Capt. Brian Findlen of Modesto Police said that the department’s investigation into the video is ongoing, and that detectives have been coordinating with the threatened student throughout the week.

“Detectives are here on their days off, some of them,” he said. “We are pouring resources into this even as other serious crimes are occurring in the city.”