Two teenagers from the California city of Modesto were arrested Monday for producing a “disturbing” video in which they threatened an African American classmate, Modesto police said.

The 12-second video shows a white teen holding a noose around his neck and threatening the black student by name.

“You must die,” he says, and then the video cuts to the firing of a gun.

The video was sent to the black student via Snapchat, a social media app. The students were classmates at Central Catholic High in Modesto, according to police.

Police began investigating last week after they were alerted by the victim’s mother. Their investigation led to two 16-year-olds, who were arrested for their alleged involvement in producing or distributing the video, Modesto police said.

They were both booked at the Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall and charged with making terrorist threats, committing a hate crime, and criminal conspiracy.

Jacq Wilson, an attorney representing the victim, said last week that the student was traumatized by the video.

“He understands the historic significance of the noose and the terror it has caused people throughout history,” Wilson said.

He read a statement from the victim: “I know that a noose around someone’s neck is nothing to joke about,” the statement said. “I heard my name in the video. The death threat made me afraid because I was singled out. I felt threatened and angry.”