President Obama plans to visit the District’s Benjamin Banneker Academic High School on Monday to deliver a speech highlighting his administration’s record on education during the past eight years, according to a White House spokeswoman.

Obama had previously planned to deliver the speech last month at Annandale High in Fairfax County, Va., but that event was postponed when he traveled to Jerusalem for the funeral of Shimon Peres, the former president of Israel.

Banneker High, located in Northwest Washington across the street from Howard University, is one of several selective-admissions public high schools in the District. Enough of its 450 students are low-income that all receive free lunch, but the school boasts a 100 percent graduation rate.

Obama previously visited Banneker in September 2011, giving a back-to-school speech that focused less on policy than on personal advice to students. You’ve got to work hard in school, he told them. But you’ve also got to take time to wonder, explore, and “color outside of the lines.”

“That’s what school is for,” Obama said at the time. “Discovering new passions, acquiring new skills, making use of this incredible time that you have to prepare yourself and give yourself the skills that you’re going to need to pursue the kind of careers that you want.”