BASIS DC High School is the District’s top-performing charter school, according to annual D.C. Public Charter School Board rankings released this week.

The annual School Quality Reports examine the city’s more than 100 charter schools to determine if they are meeting citywide standards. The assessments consider a range of factors, including performance on standardized tests, PSATs and attendance rates.

The schools are graded on a 100 point scale and then categorized as Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 schools. Tier 1 schools meet high performance standards; Tier 2 schools fall short of high performance, but meet minimum performance standards and Tier 3 schools show inadequate performance. Schools that repeatedly show inadequate performance could potentially be shut down.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, which these rankings cover, more than 40 schools earned a Tier 1 ranking, including at least one in each of the city’s eight wards. The charter board did not release rankings for the previous year because schools were taking the Common Core-aligned Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test for the first time. PARCC scores factor heavily into the rankings.

Below are the 10 highest-scoring schools overall across the city, including elementary, middle and high schools. Click here to see a list of every schools’ rate and detailed individual reports for each school The rankings also don’t account for the different program offerings and populations served at each school. Schools that received a 65 percent or above are considered Tier 1.

  1. Basis DC Public Charter School High School, 94.8 percent
  2. Kipp DC Connect Academy, 91.9 percent
  3. Kipp DC Promise Academy, 90 percent
  4. Washington Latin Middle School, 89.4 percent
  5. Kipp DC Discover Academy, 89.2 percent
  6. DC Prep Edgewood Elementary School, 87.1 percent
  7. Cedar Tree Academy, 86 percent
  8. Kipp DC Arts & Technology Academy, 85.4 percent
  9. Latin American Montessori Bilingual, 83.3 percent
  10. Washington Latin Upper School, 80.5. percent

The rankings also highlighted more than 20 schools that earned a Tier 1 ranking for the first time, including Mundo Verde Bilingual, DC Scholars and E.L. Haynes Elementary School.

Schools that earned a Tier 3 ranking include:

  • Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School
  • Achievement Prep/ Wahler Place Elementary School
  • Center City Public Charter School — Trinidad
  • Maya Angelou Public Charter School (adult/alternative learning)
  • National College Preparatory
  • Somerset Preparatory Academy