A day after reports of a proposal to potentially sell off public land that was once under federal protection inside a national monument, the Interior Department reversed the decision. Officials said it contradicted Secretary Ryan Zinke's vow to not sell or transfer federal land.

The interior secretary told senators at his confirmation hearing that he would never transfer or sell federally owned land. But a bureau he controls is considering doing exactly that.

An analysis by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, EPA experts said, used faulty assumptions.

A new scientific tool predicts a boost to the planet's temperature over the next five years, above and beyond what global warming will already produce.

GOP candidate Rick Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson are blaming each other for the Sunshine State's toxic algae problem, which has raised health concerns and threatened tourism in Florida.

The order would compel the agency to carry out a ban that former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt had shelved. “The time has come to put a stop to this patent evasion," a judge wrote of delays by the agency.

Wheeler’s lobbying ties have come under increasing scrutiny now that he has taken the helm of the Environmental Protection Agency, even as he complies with federal rules.

Andrew Wheeler touted his time as a career employee at the EPA and his coal-mining heritage, and pledged to act differently from his controversial predecessor, Scott Pruitt.

13,000 years ago, a gigantic flood into the Arctic shut down ocean circulation and cooled Europe, researchers say.

Several top aides to former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt are leaving the agency, less than a week after Pruitt resigned his post.

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