Thanks to NASA — and the laws of physics — 293 coastal cities can now know which specific glaciers pose the most dangers to them if they melt.

This NASA Earth Observatory image obtained July 27, 2012,shows a massive ice island as it broke free of the Petermann Glacier in northwestern Greenland. (AFP Photo / NASA Earth Observatory/Jesse Allen AND Robert Simmon)

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke wore moccasins to celebrate native culture around the world. But Western tribes say his plan to dramatically shrink the Bears Ears National Monument will devastate their culture.

PREPA head Ricardo Ramos Rodríguez had been scrutinized over a $300 million contract the utility signed with the tiny Whitefish Energy firm.

The decision involves a new, long-delayed sister pipeline called Keystone XL, which has been mired in controversy for several years.

A three-page “Energy Freedom Scorecard” details how the Trump administration has aggressively undone environmental rules and climate policy. But for the Heartland Institute, it's not nearly enough.

NASA scientists capture close-up images of the largest iceberg in history to split off from Antarctica

Gavin Clarkson, a senior Bureau of Indian Affairs official appointed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in June, resigned Monday.

It could be the first of many studies of climate change and the extreme 2017 hurricane season.

The U.S. hosted an event titled "The Role of Cleaner and More Efficient Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power in Climate Mitigation" at a climate conference.

Climate change skeptics are pushing the administration to reopen a major scientific finding.

Scientists thought global carbon emissions had flatlined. No such luck.

The EPA's new policy will also apply now to advisory boards offering regulators guidance on everything from children's health to pesticides to hazardous waste.

The measure would open the refuge to oil and gas drilling for the first time in a generation.

The Obama-era regulation had large support and was set to take full effect in January but was fiercely opposed by a handful of companies.

Kathleen Hartnett White says there is an “incredible difference of opinion” among scientists about the issue.

About 200 other countries have signed onto the agreement. Now, only one country has disavowed it.

For decades, Rep. Rob Bishop has wanted to undo the law. Under Trump, victory is within his grasp.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt appointed 66 new scientific advisers to the agency, many of whom hail from industry or state government, and espouse more conservative views than their predecessors.

The White House did not seek to prevent the release of the government’s National Climate Assessment, which is mandated by law, despite the fact that its findings sharply contradict the administration’s policies.

Pruitt will address the American Chemistry Council's board meeting at a retreat on South Carolina's Kiawah Island.

The nominee repeatedly wrote “none” when asked by a key Senate Democrat about his academic credentials related to agricultural science.

The suit asks for retraction of an article criticizing Mark Z. Jacobson and monetary damages.

The Obama administration said its clean power plan could save thousands of lives annually. The Trump team's draft analysis moved that figure higher.

The ruling advances restrictions on foreign solar panels, and could soon leave the decision in Trump's hands.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency upended the agency’s key advisory group on Tuesday, announcing plants to jettison scientists who have received EPA grants. The move sets in motion a fundamental shift, one that could change the scientific and technical advice that historically has guided the agency as it crafts environmental regulations. The decision […]

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Barring any researcher who receives EPA grant money from serving as an adviser to the agency would "represent a major purge of independent scientists," a past advisory board director said.

A debate rages on the origins of two enormous coastal boulders in the Bahamas.

President Trump informed Sen. Orrin G. Hatch on Friday that he will reduce the size of the protected area prized by many tribal leaders but opposed by several state and federal Republican officials.

As he proposes to cut nearly $400 million from the National Park Service budget, President Trump wants to triple the cost of entering some parks.

Three new studies examine the past — and future — and find hints of fast, and large, sea level rise.

The plan to offer nearly 77 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas leases is the largest in U.S. history.

Rising seas could leave New York facing a Sandy-style storm every five years, new research finds.

A conference in Rhode Island suddenly has a much higher profile after EPA scientists were prevented from presenting their work.

The Senate rejected an amendment Thursday aimed at protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling.

The two-year project relied on data from researchers in more than 130 countries.

Eight former members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — including five former chairmen — have filed a letter with the commission in opposition of Rick Perry's plan.

The administrator promises a directive in the coming week to “fix” the problem.

Trump trade official accuses Canada and Mexico of being unwilling to give up “unfair advantages"

Volcanoes on the other side of the world may have caused droughts in Egypt, felling leaders who couldn't manage disaster relief.

Seven people were injured in the oil rig blast Sunday near New Orleans.

Past water tests at the site have shown the presence of potentially harmful industrial solvents.

The administration is moving forward on decisions that depend on science despite leaving the top White House scientific position open.

The nomination of Kathleen Hartnett-White to chair the administration's Council on Environmental Quality is sure to infuriate environmental advocates.

The Dotson ice shelf holds back two large glaciers and connects to the larger West Antarctic ice sheet.

The Government Accountability Office will look at whether the Trump administration has violated the scientific integrity policies of two dozen departments and agencies.

Critics say the Trump administration is using questionable math to justify scrapping Obama-era climate rules.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator told coal miners in Kentucky Monday he will move to repeal a rule limiting greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.

Wind energy over the open oceans could provide tremendous amounts of power, if we find a way to capture it.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt told coal miners in Kentucky that he will propose repealing a rule limiting greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. Speaking at an event with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Pruitt said his agency will publish the new rule Tuesday. This is a developing story. It will be updated.

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Andrew Wheeler changed his tune once Trump articulated an energy and environmental platform — and once it became increasingly clear Trump would win the GOP nomination.

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