Andrew Wheeler touted his time as a career employee at the EPA and his coal-mining heritage, and pledged to act differently from his controversial predecessor, Scott Pruitt.

13,000 years ago, a gigantic flood into the Arctic shut down ocean circulation and cooled Europe, researchers say.

Several top aides to former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt are leaving the agency, less than a week after Pruitt resigned his post.

A 4-mile-long break was recently caught on video at one of Greenland's biggest glaciers.

Andrew Wheeler has spent decades in Washington, working for the government and lobbying on behalf of industry. Now the low-profile policy expert has a very high-profile political job.

Gov. David Ige (D) signed a bill banning sunscreens that contain chemicals deemed damaging to coral reefs.

He was facing more than a dozen federal inquiries.

Weeks before Trump’s inauguration, the phrase "climate change" vanished from a CDC website.

"Additional potential issues regarding Mr. Pruitt have come to my attention through sources within the EPA and media reports,” ethics official Kevin Minoli wrote in a letter to the Office of Government Ethics.

The real estate deal involves land owned by a foundation connected to Zinke and his wife, Lola.

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