"Until now, models have predicted something for the future ... but it was something that seemed very distant,” said the lead researcher in a newly published study

The photo was taken when we were on our way from the Labrador Sea into the Irminger Sea and shows the southern tip of Greenland. It was taken during an expedition in summer 2016 when we recovered and deployed moorings in the Labrador and Irminger Seas. You could write something like: "Between the Labrador and Irminger Seas: the southern tip of Greenland, photographed during a GEOMAR survey in 2016."

The industry added more than 10 billion watts of capacity in 2017 and is expected to hit 15 billion annually by 2023.

There is so little recoverable oil and gas off California, Oregon and Washington that oil companies might not spend money on leases allowing potential exploration, the secretary said.

The contracting work included the pouring of a two-foot-thick concrete slab.

In a TV interview, Scott Pruitt also said the EPA is not planning to set stricter fuel economy standards beyond 2025.

Mike Pompeo, just named to head the State Department, has said that "there are scientists that think lots of different things about climate change."

A dire federal climate report is scientifically accurate, experts say — and should be released later this year.

Even before Ryan Zinke was confirmed, Indur Goklany suggested ways to minimize climate science

It's a worst-case scenario. It may never happen. But scientists felt they needed to publish it to show what's possible.

Agency faces claims of inappropriate behavior, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and rape

Law firms billed up to $1,425 an hour to oversee Puerto Rico's bankruptcy proceedings.

It's the latest evidence highlighting the environmental consequences of suburban expansion, often accompanied by more miles driven by cars and larger free-standing homes that require more energy for heating and cooling.

Doug Domenech alerted colleagues to the language USGS had written to publicize a study documenting the shrinking of 39 glaciers in Montana since 1966.

A federal appellate court sent the case back to the lower court for trial.

The United States has now added the capacity to store a billion watts of power for one hour, and it may double that total in 2018 alone.

Senators asked the EPA administrator to explain how his security chief's business associate got a contract with the agency.

The growth of underwater grasses shows that the bay's cleanup plan is working, scientists say.

One of the appointees personally supervises every grant the agency awards to or solicits from outside groups.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says a detailed analysis of thousands of cultural sites will be completed first.

The Trump administration would give states and utilities more flexibility in how they dispose of the potentially toxic substance.

The Environmental Protection Agency agreed Thursday to restore $325,000 in funding this year for the Bay Journal, a publication with a print circulation of 50,000 that has covered environmental issues in the Chesapeake Bay for more than a quarter-century.

After confrontations last year, security officials recommended Scott Pruitt begin flying first class to create “a buffer” between him and the public.

Over thousands of years, the Arctic has stored up massive amounts of carbon.

A woman who worked on the Trump campaign frequently shared false stories attacking former president Barack Obama and other posts that maligned Muslims, gay people and African Americans.

United States has long pressed Saudi Arabia to agree to a nuclear cooperation agreement that would include strict bans on the enrichment of uranium and the reprocessing of spent fuel.

Mark Jacobson sued an academic critic of his paper and the National Academy of Sciences, which published both the research and the critique.

There are so many ships fishing the ocean that they’re now “traveling to the Moon and back 600 times.”

"Knowledgeable experts within the University have questioned the methodology and accuracy of the report,” President Philip B. Oldham wrote to Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt and Tennessee Rep. Diane Black.

Two Interior scientists quit after Secretary Ryan Zinke demanded that they provide his office with confidential data on the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska before it was released to the general public.

For every five-year delay in strong action on climate change, the ocean could rise an additional eight inches by the year 2300, researchers concluded.

The Environmental Protection Agency chief has faced criticism over the past week for the cost of his domestic and international travel.

A particular incident in May involved “threatening” and “vulgar” language, the agency said Thursday in justifying Pruitt's costly travel.

Many kinds of consumer and industrial products are increasingly dominant sources of key emissions.

George David Banks had been as a special assistant to the president for international energy and environmental policy.

The document says Earth will probably overshoot 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming and have to find a way to cool back down.

Scott Pruitt made the comments in New Hampshire, where he arrived Feb. 13 after another first-class flight.

The little-known West Virginia Democrat raised thousands of dollars after video of her eviction went viral.

The president's spending plan would boost outlays on nuclear security and slash spending on renewables and energy efficiency.

The EPA already has lost hundreds of employees to buyouts and retirements over the past year, and its staffing is now at Reagan-era levels.

The EPA chief says humans have “most flourished” during periods in which temperatures trended upward.

The agency's latest report comes as critics remain highly skeptical of how aggressively Administrator Scott Pruitt will prosecute polluters.

New research finds that coal is not at all out of the picture.

A key part of Earth's ozone layer is failing to heal — and scientists don't know why.

The frozen soils hold “twice as much mercury as the rest of all soils, the atmosphere, and ocean combined,” scientists wrote Monday.

Kathleen Hartnett White has long questioned the established science of climate change, once describing carbon dioxide as “the gas of life on this planet.”

They said the “reckless” expanded drilling plan could ruin beach tourism and fishing economies worth billions of dollars.

A memo laying out the changes came one day before companies and individuals could stake mining claims in national monuments.

Administrator Scott Pruitt wants partial excavation — a middle-ground remedy — of the West Lake Landfill. It is expected to cost the two companies responsible for the site about $236 million.

But minutes after the EPA chief finished testifying before a Senate panel Tuesday, the agency released an effusive Pruitt statement calling Trump “the most consequential leader of our time.”

The Climoji project aims to provoke discussion about the consequences of a warming planet.

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