Some worried that the world's best efforts would not nearly match the urgency of a problem that scientists have said will bring catastrophic consequences without major action over the next 12 years.

The solar industry still had a great year.

Progress has been slow at the COP24 climate summit, and small island nations are demanding better results.

Election Day is one day before the U.S. would formally withdraw from the Paris accord.

Head of U.N. tells delegates, “To waste this opportunity would compromise our last best chance to stop runaway climate change.”

“It’s better when the U.S. is actually providing leadership. And maybe a couple of years from now it will again," the former vice president said.

The Trump administration can withdraw from the Paris climate agreement next year, but it still takes another year for the process to be complete. Which brings the whole matter to Election Day in 2020.

The 'Green New Deal' is on their agenda.

Despite technological and cost hurdles, experts say that pulling carbon dioxide from the air is essential.

Countries are setting the rules for the Paris agreement and struggling over how to do more to stop warming in its tracks.

Environmental groups fulfilled a pledge to sue the Trump administration over the granting of permits allowing five companies to harass and harm marine animals while using deafening blasts of sound to map the Atlantic Ocean in search of oil and gas. The companies need a second permit from the Interior Department before work can begin.

The Arctic Ocean has lost 95 percent of its oldest, thickest ice. If this thinning trend continues, scientists fear an added boost to global warming.

But their concerns never made it to border officials.

From Brazil to Australia, other world leaders and politicians deny climate science and fight efforts to cut carbon emissions.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke wanted to “support the border security mission," an official said in one email.

Laughter and protests greeted the United States’ embrace of continued fossil fuel production as global temperatures continue to rise.

The Katowice, Poland summit isn’t business as usual.

Ryan Zinke has resurrected the board.

Scott Pruitt, who resigned this summer as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency amid a flurry of ethics inquiries, received $50,000 for his legal defense fund from a Wisconsin billi...

The new members are either Republicans or voted in Republican primaries.

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