Sea-level rise will definitely make Hurricane Florence's storm surge larger and more deadly, scientists say.

The League of Conservation Voters and other groups are donating to Democrats they believe will counter Trump’s environmental policies.

Residents of Minden have suspected for years that PCB contamination is behind cancers and other illnesses.

A new study shows that we have a lot to worry about when it comes to changing hurricanes as the planet warms.

The wave generated was as much as 600 feet high in a narrow Alaskan fjord.

The administration would allow individuals and corporations to harm or kill massive numbers of birds, even in a catastrophe such as the BP oil spill, if they can show they didn't actually mean the birds harm.

EPA inspector general Arthur Elkins said the agency had no formal threat assessment process in place to determine what level of protection was actually warranted.

When the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service invited Wyatt Hoback and Douglas Leasure late last year to help it assess the threat farming posed to an endangered beetle they spent years studying, the two bi...

There are “weird things happening in the Gulf of Maine,” a scientist says.

Eight months after President Trump's first nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency's chemical safety office was forced to withdraw amid controversy, the White House is poised to tap centrist Alexandra Dunn to head the division.

Dozens of bills and executive orders that aim to restrict high-profile protests have been introduced in at least 31 states since January 2017.

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The Trump administration has lost three separate cases involving environmental rollbacks this week, showing that reversing Obama-era policies is harder than it looks.

A day after reports of a proposal to potentially sell off public land that was once under federal protection inside a national monument, the Interior Department reversed the decision. Officials said it contradicted Secretary Ryan Zinke's vow to not sell or transfer federal land.

The interior secretary told senators at his confirmation hearing that he would never transfer or sell federally owned land. But a bureau he controls is considering doing exactly that.

An analysis by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, EPA experts said, used faulty assumptions.

A new scientific tool predicts a boost to the planet's temperature over the next five years, above and beyond what global warming will already produce.

GOP candidate Rick Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson are blaming each other for the Sunshine State's toxic algae problem, which has raised health concerns and threatened tourism in Florida.

The order would compel the agency to carry out a ban that former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt had shelved. “The time has come to put a stop to this patent evasion," a judge wrote of delays by the agency.

Wheeler’s lobbying ties have come under increasing scrutiny now that he has taken the helm of the Environmental Protection Agency, even as he complies with federal rules.

Andrew Wheeler touted his time as a career employee at the EPA and his coal-mining heritage, and pledged to act differently from his controversial predecessor, Scott Pruitt.

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