2017 was among the planet's hottest years on record, NASA and NOAA scientists report.

National parks are experiencing illegal activities since Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke directed his deputies to make public lands as accessible as possible during the partial shutdown.

Scientists say burning plants for energy and capturing the carbon, at a large scale, could cross key "planetary boundaries."

The road, connecting a small and remote village to a regional airport, will cut through a national refuge that has been protected for decades.

The Environmental Protection Agency chief told employees without elaborating that the organization "has sufficient resources to remain open for a limited amount of time."

Governors of Atlantic and Pacific coast states are still waiting for a meeting like the one in which Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told Florida Gov. Rick Scott his state was exempted from expanded offshore drilling.

2017 was the second-hottest year in recorded history, NASA reported, while scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported it was the third-warmest they’ve ever recorded. The two government agencies use different methodologies to calculate global temperatures, but by either standard, the 2017 results make the past four years the hottest period ever recorded. […]

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Climate change won't get as bad as we dread, a new study finds. But we're not going to get off easy, either.

Jack Gerard plans to step down as executive chief of American Petroleum Institute, a powerful lobbying association.

Under the new interpretation, a company would be in violation of the law only when it is “engaged in an activity the object of which was to render an animal subject to human control.”

Ryan Zinke launched a plan Wednesday to undertake the biggest reorganization in the Interior Department's history, changing how the government manages 500 million acres of land and water.

But one oil company spokesman called the suit “factually and legally meritless."

Governors who shared Rick Scott's concerns about drilling are vowing to wage a fight against new drilling, in court if necessary.

Murray Energy chief executive Robert E. Murray said that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has “totally avoided making a decision regarding the very urgent situation.”

By 2019, a federal energy report forecasts, natural gas will provide 34 percent of U.S. electricity and coal 28 percent — making gas the top fuel for electricity generation, a role held by coal as recently as 2015.

Plan would have boosted coal and nuclear power over natural gas and renewable energy

The record-breaking year raises concerns about the effects of future natural disasters, as scientists fear climate change could make extreme weather events more damaging.

New research published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences points to increasing salinity in the nation's fresh water supply.

The land exchange, which local officials say will be signed this month, will clear the way for construction through the Izembek refuge.

P. Daniel Smith, who retired from the Park Service in 2014, returns on Monday to help lead the agency.

Region's power plants are coping with historic cold temperatures — despite Perry's fears.

The tax, which lapsed on the final day of 2017, generated hundreds of millions of dollars annually for federal oil-spill response efforts.

The move wipes away guidance for department employees on how to minimize the environmental impact of activities on federal land and in federal waters.

There's a lot we don't know -- but we do know that climate change will give us different winters.

Coral reefs used to face devastating bleaching every few decades. Now it happens every 6 years.

The Trump administration unveiled a controversial proposal Thursday to permit drilling in most U.S. continental-shelf waters, including protected areas of the Arctic and the Atlantic, where oil and gas exploration is opposed by governors from New Jersey to Florida, nearly a dozen attorneys general, more than 100 U.S. lawmakers and the Defense Department. Under the proposal, only one […]

Scientists have documented a trend of increasing snowfall as temperatures rise in one vast region.

These nine events in 2017 could shape the world for years to come.

The Interior Department rescinded a set of Obama-era regulations that would have tightened standards for fracking operations on public lands to protect waterways.

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You could be forgiven for feeling confused.

Since becoming president, Trump laid off the broadsides against the broad scientific consensus that human activity is indeed warming the planet -- until now.

The move, which benefits a Chilean company, reverses an Obama administration decision over concerns that any future mining operation could contaminate the region’s pristine watershed.

Four months after halting a study on the health effects of mountaintop removal to extract coal, the Trump administration has suspended the offshore drilling study.

A new scientific study published Thursday reawakened a fraught debate over one of the more contested, and potentially devastating, consequences of a warming climate: changing patterns of human migration.

The U.S. Geological Survey has published its first assessment of the country's critical minerals resources since 1973.

"We have forgotten half of the story up to now,” a researcher with a new study says.

The agency recently signed a $120,000 contract with a Republican media-tracking and opposition-research firm

“Snowfall before the Industrial Revolution averaged about eight feet of fresh snow a year at this site, and now we get over 18 feet of fresh snow.”

As bitcoin prices spike, so does energy usage.

The culprit appears to be small particles released by combustion, researchers say.

Michael Dourson's nomination had drawn widespread criticism because of his past ties to the chemical industry.

The Environmental Protection Agency plays no formal role in overseeing natural gas exports.

Pregnant women living within a two-mile radius of drilling sites were more likely to have babies with low birth weights.

The Trump administration could still lift the ban years before it is set to expire.

The booth is “necessary for me to be able to do my job,” Pruitt told lawmakers last week.

The state's climate features Diablo winds, Santa Ana gusts and drought-dried vegetation waiting to burn.

A new government report appears to contradict some Trump administration statements on climate change.

"This court is on a collision course with the executive branch,” the Trump administration's attorney said.

The trip in April to Channel Islands National Park in California included the Interior secretary's wife and another relative.

The awarding of the grants comes as the Trump administration has proposed slashing federal science budgets and has dropped out of the Paris climate accord.

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