Monthly Archives: January 2018

The decision to convert the study launched in the final days of the Obama administration into a less-stringent environmental assessment could have major policy implications.

The plastic sits on ocean coral, cutting its skin and causing other abrasions. That's when diseases move in for the kill.

“The risks of fracking to our health and our environment are real,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Wednesday.

Research on Ireland's Aran Islands may offer some warnings about the future impact of climate change.

National parks are experiencing illegal activities since Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke directed his deputies to make public lands as accessible as possible during the partial shutdown.

Scientists say burning plants for energy and capturing the carbon, at a large scale, could cross key "planetary boundaries."

The road, connecting a small and remote village to a regional airport, will cut through a national refuge that has been protected for decades.

The Environmental Protection Agency chief told employees without elaborating that the organization "has sufficient resources to remain open for a limited amount of time."

Governors of Atlantic and Pacific coast states are still waiting for a meeting like the one in which Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told Florida Gov. Rick Scott his state was exempted from expanded offshore drilling.

2017 was among the planet's hottest years on record, NASA and NOAA scientists report.

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