An Interior Department special assistant resigned Wednesday after a search of her social media accounts revealed that she routinely shared conspiracy theories, false statements and racially tinged comments about Muslims and African Americans.

Christine Bauserman, who worked in the office of the assistant secretary for lands and minerals and often attended policy briefings with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, quit immediately after her social media activity was revealed by CNN. In her role, she attended at least nine meetings with the secretary in September alone.

“The positions expressed by Ms. Bauserman are inappropriate and unacceptable, and they are not consistent with those of the Secretary or the Trump Administration,” an Interior spokeswoman said in a statement. “The department has accepted Ms. Bauserman’s letter of resignation.”

Bauserman worked as the Arizona regional field director for President Trump’s campaign from February 2016 until the end of the state’s primary, according to her LinkedIn profile. Before that she was an information technology specialist and a political consultant.

She was among the first workers on Trump’s transition team. CNN reported that Bauserman shared a falsehood that attacked former president Barack Obama as recently as this past weekend. Over several years, she shared posts questioning his citizenship, “and in one comment called him ‘a black man from the black panther movement.’ “

Another post supported unsealing the former president’s college and birth records. Other posts Bauserman shared included a false story claiming that a doctor who “exposed Clinton Foundation corruption in Haiti” was found dead. Muslims and gays were also maligned in posts.

In mid-February, Bauserman shared an image in which a black man with his pants hanging low was placed next to an image of a Confederate statue. “How does a statue being in the same place for 100 years suddenly become offensive and men walking around in public with there a– showing not offensive,” a caption said.