Rice contains lower levels of key vitamins when grown amid high concentrations of carbon dioxide, according to a new study.

Americans waste about a quarter of the food they buy, and the environmental consequences are enormous.

Agency faces claims of inappropriate behavior, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and rape

"We have forgotten half of the story up to now,” a researcher with a new study says.

The nominee repeatedly wrote “none” when asked by a key Senate Democrat about his academic credentials related to agricultural science.

Scientists find that cows are filling the air with more methane than we thought.

Tropical rainforests are losing carbon, not storing it, a worrying new study shows.

Agriculture has released more than 100 billion tons of carbon from the ground, a study finds.

Such oxygen-depleted areas, which are found worldwide, are caused by agricultural and industrial runoff.

New research says that more intense rains will drive more nitrogen into waters, in turn worsening algal blooms.

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