Administrator Scott Pruitt wants partial excavation — a middle-ground remedy — of the West Lake Landfill. It is expected to cost the two companies responsible for the site about $236 million.

The culprit appears to be small particles released by combustion, researchers say.

The Trump administration will delay an Obama-era rule limiting methane emissions.

The Obama administration said its clean power plan could save thousands of lives annually. The Trump team's draft analysis moved that figure higher.

Andrew Wheeler changed his tune once Trump articulated an energy and environmental platform — and once it became increasingly clear Trump would win the GOP nomination.

Arkema is not the only chemical plant to suffer damage in the storm.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has reversed a decision to put off the Oct. 1 implementation of an Obama-era ozone rule a day after 16 states sued over the delay.

Administrator Scott Pruitt said Thursday that the proposed budget “supports the EPA's highest priorities.”

The energy sector already has complied with the rule, but some companies and states still want it off the books.

A federal lawsuit over the now-lifted coal moratorium is the first in what's expected to be a protracted battle.

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