As Texas comptroller, Susan Combs compared endangered species listings to “incoming Scud missiles” that should be shot down. She said a threatened state songbird was a danger to military readiness.

Zinke faces anger from governors, including many Republicans, over proposals to allow more drilling on land and at sea.

These nine events in 2017 could shape the world for years to come.

For decades, Rep. Rob Bishop has wanted to undo the law. Under Trump, victory is within his grasp.

The agency said the Pacific walrus seemed able to adapt to declining sea ice in the Arctic.

The interior secretary's report to President Trump is certain to spark big legal battles.

A planned border wall in Hildago County, Tex., would create a sort of U.S. 'no man's land,' cutting off businesses, blocking endangered animals and slicing through a wildlife refuge.

The greater sage grouse management plan was years in the making. Interior Secretary Zinke announced a review that could undo it in 60 days.

Democrats are accusing the Trump administration of trying to stymie opposition by barring workers at federal agencies from providing documents and other information to their members in Congress.

The deadly fungus that causes white-nose syndrome has popped up in Texas. Now in 33 states, it's almost impossible to stop.

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