Scientists say burning plants for energy and capturing the carbon, at a large scale, could cross key "planetary boundaries."

"We have forgotten half of the story up to now,” a researcher with a new study says.

A 26-year forest study suggests that global warming could lead soils to fill the air with added carbon.

Tropical rainforests are losing carbon, not storing it, a worrying new study shows.

They could actually help offset some of our human carbon emissions by removing more carbon dioxide from the air.

In California, some companies can pay to protect forests rather than cut their own greenhouse gas emissions — and new research says the program is succeeding.

As forests shrink and trees disappear, it now takes Americans longer than ever before to drive from home to a biologically diverse wilderness area.

The Montana congressman is also likely to face questions on his position on climate change.

Intact forest landscapes are “the last portions of the Earth that are not significantly affected by human influence.”

Brazil is seeing a rise in deforestation and the threat of anti-environmental legislation.

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