It could be the first of many studies of climate change and the extreme 2017 hurricane season.

Rising seas could leave New York facing a Sandy-style storm every five years, new research finds.

Some energy analysts say microgrids and more renewables could lead to greater resilience.

Public opinion about climate change's role in the severity of storms continues to break down largely along partisan lines.

Hurricane Maria set an ominous new record for the speed of its intensification.

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A hurricane expert says we're making disasters worse in two separate ways — through coastal policies and climate change.

Fires and explosions sent plumes of black smoke that could be seen for miles and allegedly sickened residents and emergency responders.

In the battle between saltwater and freshwater, salt is winning as seas rise.

One researcher called the link “tenuous” but nevertheless “worth raising."

The president talked about bigger storms that he said occurred in the 1930s and 1940s.

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