The divide between Atlantic and Arctic isn't just geographical, it's physical. And the physics are changing.

Obama's national ocean policy, created during the Deepwater Horizon disaster, called on the federal government to work with states and local governments to enhance and protect oceans.

The draft proposal got a hearing in the House on Thursday.

The widening global campaign to rid the world of plastic straws and bags — to keep millions of tons of them out of the ocean — has been endorsed by individuals such as Tom Brady and groups such as the Girl Scouts.

State lawmakers passed a bill to ban the sale and distribution of sunscreens that contain two chemicals deemed damaging to the coral reefs.

Two new studies find the overturning circulation in the Atlantic has slowed down markedly amid ongoing climate change.

The stretch of ocean now contains 79,000 tons of plastic debris, in the form of 1.8 trillion pieces, a research survey has found.

"Until now, models have predicted something for the future ... but it was something that seemed very distant,” said the lead researcher in a newly published study

It's a worst-case scenario. It may never happen. But scientists felt they needed to publish it to show what's possible.

There are so many ships fishing the ocean that they’re now “traveling to the Moon and back 600 times.”

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