Repairing worn-out infrastructure is expensive, and the Trump administration is getting creative.

The project would signal a dramatic ramping up of the renewable energy industry in one of the world's most suitable spots for solar power.

The company just outlined a future in which people won't buy nearly as much of its oil anymore.

There is so little recoverable oil and gas off California, Oregon and Washington that oil companies might not spend money on leases allowing potential exploration, the secretary said.

George David Banks had been as a special assistant to the president for international energy and environmental policy.

They said the “reckless” expanded drilling plan could ruin beach tourism and fishing economies worth billions of dollars.

A memo laying out the changes came one day before companies and individuals could stake mining claims in national monuments.

“The risks of fracking to our health and our environment are real,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Wednesday.

Governors of Atlantic and Pacific coast states are still waiting for a meeting like the one in which Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told Florida Gov. Rick Scott his state was exempted from expanded offshore drilling.

Jack Gerard plans to step down as executive chief of American Petroleum Institute, a powerful lobbying association.

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