The widening global campaign to rid the world of plastic straws and bags — to keep millions of tons of them out of the ocean — has been endorsed by individuals such as Tom Brady and groups such as the Girl Scouts.

Revision has long been sought by conservative allies of President Trump.

The exchange came during a White House meeting called “Cut the Red Tape: Liberating America from Bureaucracy.”

Millions of people who breathe polluted air around the world will die of heart attacks and respiratory illnesses that are preventable.

"Knowledgeable experts within the University have questioned the methodology and accuracy of the report,” President Philip B. Oldham wrote to Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt and Tennessee Rep. Diane Black.

The decision to convert the study launched in the final days of the Obama administration into a less-stringent environmental assessment could have major policy implications.

The plastic sits on ocean coral, cutting its skin and causing other abrasions. That's when diseases move in for the kill.

Pregnant women living within a two-mile radius of drilling sites were more likely to have babies with low birth weights.

The agency acknowledged that there is no additional funding to clean up the sites.

The two-year project relied on data from researchers in more than 130 countries.

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