The project would signal a dramatic ramping up of the renewable energy industry in one of the world's most suitable spots for solar power.

The industry added more than 10 billion watts of capacity in 2017 and is expected to hit 15 billion annually by 2023.

California's Belridge field will use a huge solar plant to create the steam that pushes additional oil out of the ground.

The ruling advances restrictions on foreign solar panels, and could soon leave the decision in Trump's hands.

Some energy analysts say microgrids and more renewables could lead to greater resilience.

The decision on what to do now falls to President Trump.

We might not end up with the power grid that we need if we don't understand the rate of solar's advances.

The industry had a strong first quarter for 2017 with 2 gigawatts of new solar installed.

More than 30 states say they will press ahead with clean energy. New York's governor unveiled the biggest investment in renewable energy by an America state.

The earlier reports were true — the government's top clean energy office is set to be cut dramatically.

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