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President Trump’s claim that drug dealers who kill ‘thousands’ just get 30 days in jail

The president ends up in Four-Pinocchio territory because of the way he frames his rhetoric.

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President Trump’s claim that California has the ‘highest taxes in the United States’

Many readers from California complained that the president is way out of line in criticizing their tax burden.

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Questions raised about study that links undocumented immigrants to higher crime

We look at a controversial study that found undocumented immigrants bring higher crime. Do its numbers add up?

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Four years of Trump claims

Every suspect claim made by President Trump during his presidency in office, in one place

The Trump Promise Tracker

Donald Trump made 60 key promises during the 2016 campaign. We will track his progress during his presidency.

The 2016 Election Fact Checker

Every fact check of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in one place.

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The harsh interrogations of al-Qaeda detainees: Was it ‘torture’ and did it help find bin Laden?

Each side picks and chooses facts in order to make their case. Here's a guide to the torture debate.

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Fact-checking Trump’s error-filled tweetstorm about the Mueller probe

The president attacked the Russian investigation and the FBI in a series of tweets, but his claims were often misleading or wrong.

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President Trump’s false claim that Clinton wouldn’t have sent humans to Mars

The president spaced out while describing Clinton's position on Mars exploration.

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Does President Trump’s border wall pay for itself?

The president tweeted about a study that suggests the wall pays for itself. But it's an estimate of an estimate that's fiercely disputed.

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Here’s why Trump keeps saying — wrongly — the U.S. has a trade deficit with Canada

The president keeps claiming that the U.S. has a trade deficit with Canada. But government data says he's wrong.

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