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Chris Christie’s claim he vetoed more tax hikes than ‘any governor in American history’

Christie's boast lacks context, as he was in a unique situation to veto more bills than other governors in recent years.

Loretta Lynch’s false claim on sex trafficking arrests

The Attorney General says hundreds of sex traffickers have been arrested, but it depends on slippy legal reasoning.

Bernie Sanders’s claim that he would expand, not dismantle, the Affordable Care Act

Sanders employs political worthsmithing to describe his health care proposal.



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The Four-Pinocchio claim that ‘on average, girls first become victims of sex trafficking at 13 years old’

Once again, politicians and the media blithely repeat a Four-Pinocchio statistic on sex trafficking that does not hold up to scrutiny.

Fact-checking the 2016 presidential hopefuls

See a visual analysis.

Why you should be wary of statistics on ‘modern slavery’ and ‘trafficking’

Depending on the estimate cited, the number of victims changes by tens of millions.

Trump’s outrageous claim that ‘thousands’ of New Jersey Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attacks

There is absolutely no evidence of the celebration cited by Trump.

Global Factcheckathon: G-20 summit fact-checked by 12 fact-checking organizations

Twelve fact-checking organizations from 10 countries fact-checked what their political leaders said at the G-20 summit in Antalya, Turkey.

Rand Paul’s claim that cities and states led by Democrats have the worst income inequality

Paul uses cherry-picked data and misleading claims to explain "root causes" of income inequality.

The viral claim that ‘not one’ refugee resettled since 9/11 has been ‘arrested on domestic terrorism charges’

We award Two Pinocchios for highly technical terminology that means little to the public, and creates a misleading impression.

Repeat after me: Obama is not admitting 100,000, 200,000 or 250,000 Syrian refugees

The three outsider presidential hopefuls in the GOP race get some basic facts on refugees very wrong.

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