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The biggest Pinocchios of 2017

Our annual roundup of the most outlandish claims of 2017.

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Comparing the ‘Trump economy’ to the ‘Obama economy’

Sarah Sanders bragged on Twitter about the "booming Trump economy" but most of the upward economic trends began in the Obama-era.

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Fact-checking Jimmy Kimmel on CHIP funding

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel addressed the dispute over funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, but he was a bit one-sided.

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365 days of Trump claims

Every suspect claim made by President Trump during his first year in office, in one place

The Trump Promise Tracker

Donald Trump made 60 key promises during the 2016 campaign. We will track his progress during his presidency.

The 2016 Election Fact Checker

Every fact check of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in one place.

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Pelosi’s claim the House GOP is ‘inviting’ violent criminals to carry concealed weapons

Many readers asked for a fact check of Nancy Pelosi's tweet on a concealed-weapons bill that passed the House.

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Trump’s claim that West Virginia is ‘sending clean coal’ to ‘China’

Trump claims West Virginia is sending “clean coal” to China, but in 2015 and 2016 essentially no coal left the state en route to China.

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Seven weeks in winter: Flynn, Trump and Comey

President Trump, former FBI director James B. Comey and former national security adviser Michael Flynn's stories are entangled, to say the least.

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History lesson: Do big tax cuts pay for themselves?

We look at the Coolidge, Kennedy and Reagan tax cuts and see whether they confirm GOP claims that tax cuts pay for themselves.

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Does the Senate tax bill really offer a tax break for private jets, as key Democrats claim?

Several Democratic leaders claim the bill offers a tax write off for private jets, but they're blowing the provision way out of proportion.

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