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The news media does apologize for mistakes, unlike the White House

A Trump surrogate defended the White House in the McCain controversy by saying the news media doesn't apologize. Oops.

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Video: ‘What happened to the tapes?’ Gina Haspel’s role in destroying evidence of the CIA’s torture program

Trump's nominee to to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, says she was following orders when the tapes were destroyed. But there's more to the story.

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Pence’s claim that ‘religion in America isn’t receding. It’s just the opposite’

The vice president lauds a study on the consistency of the highly religious. But the study's author says he's missing the point.

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Four years of Trump claims

Every suspect claim made by President Trump during his presidency in office, in one place

The Trump Promise Tracker

Donald Trump made 60 key promises during the 2016 campaign. We will track his progress during his presidency.

The 2016 Election Fact Checker

Every fact check of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in one place.

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Jeff Sessions’s claim that an ACLU settlement with Chicago caused murders to spike

The attorney general cites an unpublished study to support his claim. But the facts don't support his attack on the ACLU.

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CIA director nominee Haspel and the destruction of interrogation tapes: Contradictions and questions

The nominee for CIA director insists she did not realize the tapes would be destroyed. But questions and contradictions linger.

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Do 98 percent of mass public shootings happen in gun-free zones?

President Trump offered a dramatic figure in his speech to the NRA. But a dueling study has much lower numbers.

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Fact-checking President Trump’s reasons for leaving the Iran nuclear deal

The president heaped criticism on the Iran deal, but his claims don't tell the whole story.

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Trump’s claim that Iran could build nuclear weapons in seven years

The president was off-target when he said Iran could build nuclear weapons in seven years despite a range of restrictions.

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Fact-checking President Trump’s claims on immigration

It wasn't "immigration month" but the president's remarks make it seem otherwise.

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