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Five whoppers from President Trump’s impromptu news conference

This is only a partial list.

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Andrew Cuomo overstates his record on same-sex marriage

For some reason, Cuomo is puffing up his record on same-sex marriage. He has a lot to crow about without exaggerating the facts.

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Recidivism Watch: Trump administration again blames others for its own family separation policy

Trump and his advisers keep saying the law forces them to separate immigrant families at the border. No law requires this.

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Four years of Trump claims

Every suspect claim made by President Trump during his presidency in office, in one place

The Trump Promise Tracker

Donald Trump made 60 key promises during the 2016 campaign. We will track his progress during his presidency.

The 2016 Election Fact Checker

Every fact check of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in one place.

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President Trump’s flip-flop on coverage for preexisting health conditions

Over and over, President Trump said he supports coverage for preexisting conditions. Now, he does not. Flip-flop!

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Fact-checking President Trump’s claims about the North Korea deal

President Trump views his diplomacy as a great triumph. We check his facts and claims.

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Trump’s false assertion that Canada claims to ‘make’ $100 billion in trade with the U.S.

The U.S. government repeatedly has affirmed the United States has a trade surplus with Canada. But Trump ignores that.

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Video: Can the president be indicted or subpoenaed?

The Supreme Court has never weighed in directly on these questions. Here's a video primer on the current legal landscape.

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Trump’s claim that an Obama administration effort on Iran was ‘totally illegal’

The president is calling for a probe of a proposed transaction that the Senate investigated — and did not find to be illegal.

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