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A quick guide to President Trump’s false Twitter claims today

The president went on a Twitter attack but much of what he tweeted was incorrect and false.

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The White House’s facile comparison of the Trump-Russia and Clinton-Ukraine stories

Here's why the analogy is rather thin.

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White House video misleads on CBO health-care estimates

Attack on nonpartisan agency relies on fuzzy math.

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365 days of Trump claims

Every suspect claim made by President Trump during his first year in office, in one place

The Trump Promise Tracker

Donald Trump made 60 key promises during the 2016 campaign. We will track his progress during his presidency.

The 2016 Election Fact Checker

Every fact check of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in one place.

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Timeline: Donald Trump Jr.’s contradictory statements about the Russia meeting

A complete timeline of what Donald Trump Jr. said about his meeting with a Russian attorney, and how his explanations turned out to be false.

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President Trump’s first six months: The fact-check tally

In six months, President Trump has made 836 false or misleading claims. Often, he has said the same false thing over and over again.

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No spending cuts to Medicaid? Then no tax cuts either.

Here's why a “baseline” is an important — and abused — tool in Washington policy debates.

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Vice President Pence’s bushel of false and misleading claims about health care

In a speech to the nation's governors, Vice President Pence said several misleading and false claims about the Senate's health-care proposal and Obamacare.

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No, President Trump, you haven’t signed more bills than any other president

The president said he “thinks” he's signed more bills than any president ever. But he's wrong, very wrong.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s claim that ‘criminals take notice’ of cities with sanctuary policies

Sessions is being misleading by citing data from a study that doesn't support his argument.

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