The Fact Checker's occasional Friday feature looking at what President Trump got wrong in a given week.

Trump appears to think he did more than FDR. We check the history books.

It would be worthwhile for Trump to get his history lesson about Korea from his own State Department instead of the Chinese president.

Americans want to know: How do President Trump's travels using taxpayer money compare to former president Barack Obama's?

At a town hall, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) used a figure for the national debt that struck one reader as too high.

We look into what two lawmakers said during their district town halls.

The EPA administrator appears to misunderstand a key aspect of the Paris Accord to address climate change.

A look at Trump's numerous recent flip-flops, on China's currency manipulation, NATO, Syria and more.

President Trump made a series of false and inaccurate claims in his interview with Maria Bartiromo

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