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Our monthly round-up of the most popular columns reverts to the pattern of all but last month: Columns about Obamacare dominate the list.

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1: The bogus claim that Obamacare has boosted the number of uninsured

The most widely read column — by a huge margin — gave Four Pinocchios to Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) for claiming the health-care law increased the number of uninsured people in his state. It certainly helped that Huelskamp issued a news release denouncing the column — which generated news stories and editorials across the state. Thanks, Mr. Congressman.




2: President Obama’s persistent ’77-cent’ claim on the wage gap gets a new Pinocchio rating

After President Obama once again cited the statistic that the average full-time working woman earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, we boosted the rating on this claim to Two Pinocchios. There is a wage gap and closing it is certainly a worthy goal, but we explained that there are serious problems with this figure. The column got results: The president dropped the figure in his weekly radio address on the issue.




3: Obamacare enrollment numbers: What we know and what we don’t know

This was a tour through the numbers about the Affordable Care Act, which politicians all too often get wrong, as shown in the Truth Teller video that accompanied the column.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said more than 10 million Americans are newly insured - a number that's misleading. Here's a look at other politicians who have gotten the Obamacare insurance numbers wrong. (Julie Percha/The Washington Post)


4: Do 72 percent of for-profit programs have graduates making less than high school dropouts?

The Fact Checker took a deep dive in examining the Education Department’s math behind the claim that 72 percent of for-profit education institutions produce graduates who on average earned less than high school dropouts. The column generated wide reader interest but the Education Department was not happy, issuing a lengthy statement defending its methodology.




5: ‘Billions’ spent on attacking Obamacare?

Obama asserted that opponents had spent “billions” of dollars opposing the health-care law, but the actual total was nearly $500 million — about five times more than ads supporting the law. Some readers thought we were too gentle in assigning Two Pinocchios to the president, given that the federal government spent $700 million promoting the need for health insurance and HealthCare.gov.

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