The Fact Checker was rather critical of a recent ad by Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), awarding it Four Pinocchios and also a place of honor on our list of the 10 most-fact-challenged ads of the 2014 campaign.

But a reader in Kentucky sent The Fact Checker the following photographs of a mailing by the Kentucky GOP, on behalf of McConnell. The Fact Checker is used to seeing fact checks cited in political advertising and in political debates, but this is a new one. “You are at risk of acting on fraudulent information that has been targeted  for citizens living in [insert] county,” declares the front of an envelope marked ELECTION VIOLATION NOTICE.

Just to be clear, The Fact Checker is not part of some government agency — and politicians make false statements all the time. For some reason, the mailing does not mention the many Pinocchios that the McConnell campaign has received as well. So, for all the political consultants out there, let’s not try this gambit again. It makes The Fact Checker cranky.

Update: The Grimes campaign said it has filed  a lawsuit over the mailer, claiming that the GOP is trying to suppress voter turnout in Eastern Kentucky, the Courier-Journal reported. “This is clearly a scare tactic, and what they are doing to try to manipulate voters,” said Jonathan Hurst, Grimes’ campaign manager.

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