“She is disqualified from being Commander in Chief because she recklessly and irresponsibly used her email server, she recklessly and irresponsibly lied about Benghazi. She told the families of those four brave Americans. ‘Oh this was just a spontaneous uprising because of a youtube video.’ And then she was telling her family members and foreign leaders and others that this was a planned terrorist attack.”

–Sen. Marco Rubio, town hall event in Iowa, Jan. 6, 2016

We starting a new feature: The Fact Checker Recidivism Watch. This is when candidates repeat claims that we have previously found to be incorrect or false. We intend to keep these posts short and to the point, with links to the original fact check. We welcome reader suggestions.

Just two days after The Fact Checker published a comprehensive look at what Hillary Clinton may or may not have told the families of the Benghazi victims, Rubio once again claimed that Clinton “lied” to them and asserted that the attack took place because of a video.

As we have noted, the evidence for this claim is murky and open to interpretation. But Rubio really goes too far in suggesting that she told this to all of the families of the four who were killed in the terrorist attacks. Here’s the rundown of what we know:

U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens

  • His father says Clinton did not mention a video.

State Department Information Specialist Sean Smith

  • His mother says every administration official, including Clinton, cited the video.

Former Navy Seal Tyrone Woods

  • His father says Clinton cited the video as the cause
  • His mother says Clinton did not mention the video

Former Navy Seal Glen Doherty

  • His mother says Clinton did not mention a video
  • His sister says she did not mention a video but referenced a “spontaneous protest”

At the very least, Rubio cannot so sweepingly declare that she made such statements to “the families of those four brave Americans.” Some of those family members say they did not hear that.

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