“The war in Iraq is a disaster. I was against it from the beginning. We should have never been there.”

— Donald Trump, interview with Greta van Susteren, Fox News, May 11, 2016

For the umpteenth time, Donald Trump falsely claimed he was against the 2003 Iraq war “from the beginning.” He contrasted his stance with Hillary Clinton, who he said showed “bad judgment” for voting to authorize an attack by then-President George W. Bush. (Clinton has since said the vote was a mistake.)

And for the umpeteenth time, a TV host failed to challenge Trump’s false claim — even though just last week, Fox News’s Bret Baier got Trump to admit that he has expressed support for the invasion at the time.

To sum up, there is absolutely no evidence that Trump opposed the war in Iraq. In fact, he certainly indicated he was in favor of it. Just weeks after the invasion, he praised it as a “tremendous success,” according to our timeline of Trump statements on Iraq.

The next time he makes this claim, the TV interviewer simply needs to say: “With respect, sir, that’s been proven to be false.”

The Fact Checker Recidivism Watch tracks politicians who repeat claims that we have previously found to be incorrect or false. These posts are short summaries of previous findings, with links to the original fact-check. We welcome reader suggestions.

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