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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Spicer’s claim there are ‘12, 14, 15 million’ people in the U.S. illegally

Spicer offered a large range of figures for the population of illegal immigrants, but only 12 million is close to accepted estimates

Democrats persist with the slippery claim of a ’60-vote standard’ for Supreme Court nominees

Democrats continue to make the misleading claim that 60 votes is “standard” for Supreme Court nominees. Not so.

100 days of Trump claims

Every suspect claim made by President Trump during his 100 days in office, in one place

The White House claim that Obama-era regulations have cost $890 billion

Could the Obama administration have imposed nearly $1 trillion in regulations? We check the math.

Fact-checking President Trump’s rally in Florida

President Trump made 13 fishy claims in his Florida rally. Here's the reality.

What Trump got wrong on Twitter this week (#6)

The sixth installment in our occasional feature looking at what Trump got wrong on Twitter in a given week.

Fact-checking President Trump’s news conference

Trump's lengthy news conference was chock full of dubious claims, false statements and inaccurate information.

Trump’s claim that there’s ‘tremendous amount of increase’ in autism cases

Trump characterized autism as an increasingly common disorder, but there’s not enough research and no medical consensus to determine that.

The fall of Michael Flynn: A timeline

Here's a timeline on administration statements concerning former NSA Flynn and his contacts with Russia.

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