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Tim Kaine’s claim about whether Judge Neil Gorsuch views contraception as a ‘wrongdoing of others’

We dig into Tim Kaine's interpretation of Judge Neil Gorsuch's phrase relating to certain contraceptives and religious freedom.

  • Analysis

The White House’s claim that the carbon emissions rule ‘could cost up to $39 billion a year’

There are too many unknowns to cite a statistic like this with no context.

  • Analysis

Sanders’s convoluted claim that Democrats are not trying to filibuster Gorsuch

Sanders engages in verbal gymnastics and Senate technicalities to obscure the truth.

  • Analysis

Do 80 percent of Americans oppose sanctuary cities?

Public opinion varies based on how you ask the question — and what exactly you ask about such policies.

  • Analysis

Pence’s strange claim that selling health insurance across state lines would be like car and life insurance

White House officials don't seem to know that all insurance products are regulated by state insurance commissioners.

  • Analysis

Did the Obamacare Medicaid expansion force people onto wait lists?

The data do not confirm their suggestion that Obamacare expanded Medicaid at the expense of people waiting for home- or community-based care.

  • Analysis

President Trump’s cascade of false claims in Time’s interview on his falsehoods

The president defended himself for spreading false claims by repeatedly doubling down on previously debunked statements.

  • Analysis

How is a ban on preexisting conditions preserved in the GOP replacement bill?

It is not mentioned, but one of the most popular features of Obamacare is intended to be preserved by other elements in the bill.

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