During President Trump’s first 100 days, The Fact Checker started producing a list of every false or misleading statement that he made. When April 29 was history, it turned out that the president had made 492 remarks worthy of inclusion in our interactive graphic. That was an average of 4.9 claims a day.

We thought our work was done. But many readers demanded we continue keeping track of the president’s suspect statements. And we always try to respond to reader requests.

So today we announce the creation of a new interactive graphic. We will keep tracking his false and misleading claims until Jan 19, 2018 — the end of his first year in office. Update, Jan. 20, 2018: In response to reader requests, we will keep this database going through the end of Trump’s presidency.

The new graphic is not quite as detailed as the “100 days” effort, but it still will allow readers to explore his claims at length. Because the president likes to keep repeating claims that have been previously debunked, we make it easy for readers to see when he had previously made a similar false statement.

Our goal is to update the project every two weeks or so. In the past three weeks, the president has uttered almost 100 additional false or misleading claims.

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(We are also tracking 60 Trump campaign promises in another interactive graphic.)

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