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President Trump’s claim Medicaid spending in Senate health bill ‘actually goes up’

Trump misleads on the impact of the Senate bill on Medicaid spending, only presenting one part of the overall picture.

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What you need to know about preexisting conditions in the Senate GOP health plan

Another debate about preexisting conditions is brewing over the Senate bill to overhaul the health-care system. We dig into what the bill says about preexisting conditions.

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Do Russia probe attorneys’ donations to Democrats threaten their independence?

Half of the publicly-known attorneys so far hired by the Special Counsel's Office donated to Democrats is not an indication that Robert Mueller, the special counsel, has failed to be independent.

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Video: Two wrongs don’t make a right. The Republican spin on Obamacare premiums

For years, Republicans have run inaccurate attack ads based on President Obama's misleading claim that health-insurance premiums would decline by $2,500.

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President Trump’s claim that MS-13 gang members are being deported ‘by the thousands’

Trump is indeed ramping up enforcement actions against MS-13, but deportations so far this year are in the hundreds, not the thousands.

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Trump’s claim about the ‘catastrophe’ of Obamacare premiums increasing 204 percent in Alaska

We look into President Trump's claim about soaring health insurance premiums in Alaska.

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History Lesson: How the Democrats pushed Obamacare through the Senate

Democrats like to recall days of open debate in the Senate on Obamacare. But the real work was behind closed doors.

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Justice Alito’s misleading claim about sex offender rearrests

In an opinion in a free speech case, Justice Samuel Alito presented a misleading characterization of sex offender recidivism.

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