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Video: Fact Checker’s guide to the debt ceiling

With a deadline of Sept. 29 looming and the House on summer recess, the debt ceiling is primed to be a big issue when lawmakers return. Here's what you need to know.

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Video: Donald Trump Jr.’s contradictory statements about the Russia meeting

A timeline of Donald Trump Jr.'s comments and contradictions about his meeting with a Russian lawyer.

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Trump’s embrace of African American employment data he once scorned

Taking credit for a decline in Africa American unemployment is like a rooster thinking the sun rose because he crowed.

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26 hours, 29 Trumpian false or misleading claims

In the span of 26 hours, President Trump made 29 false or misleading claims in speeches and on Twitter. Here's the full list.

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A quick guide to President Trump’s false Twitter claims today

The president went on a Twitter attack but much of what he tweeted was incorrect and false.

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The White House’s facile comparison of the Trump-Russia and Clinton-Ukraine stories

Here's why the analogy is rather thin.

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White House video misleads on CBO health-care estimates

Attack on nonpartisan agency relies on fuzzy math.

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Timeline: Donald Trump Jr.’s contradictory statements about the Russia meeting

A complete timeline of what Donald Trump Jr. said about his meeting with a Russian attorney, and how his explanations turned out to be false.

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