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Trump’s bundle of faulty claims about Amazon’s cost to taxpayers

The president says Amazon is hosing local taxpayers and bleeding the U.S. Postal Service, but his tweet exaggerates and misleads.

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Fact-checking claims about Trump’s citizenship question in the census

A citizenship question slated for the next census has itself raised big questions. We try to answer some of them and dig into the rhetoric in this debate.

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A year later: Does Trump’s Mexico City policy ban funds to groups that ‘even mention’ abortion?

The increased breath of the Mexico City policy under President Trump inches NARAL's claim toward accuracy, but it's not quite there.

  • Analysis

Trump administration botches basic civics while calling for line-item veto

As he called for more budget-cutting powers, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin messed up several basic facts about the government.

  • Analysis

President Trump’s claim that China caused 60,000 U.S. factories to close

Trump says the United States has lost 6 million manufacturing jobs because of China. Economists say he's onto something but shoots wide of the mark.

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President Trump’s claim that drug dealers who kill ‘thousands’ just get 30 days in jail

The president ends up in Four-Pinocchio territory because of the way he frames his rhetoric.

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President Trump’s claim that California has the ‘highest taxes in the United States’

Many readers from California complained that the president is way out of line in criticizing their tax burden.

  • Analysis

Questions raised about study that links undocumented immigrants to higher crime

We look at a controversial study that found undocumented immigrants bring higher crime. Do its numbers add up?

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